4th of July Charcuterie

Nothing better than 4th of July and cheese – especially with this Charcuterie board. Right? I cut cheese into the shapes of stars, which really make this 4th of July board amazing and simple and super festive.

I played off of the Red, White, and Blue for the additions to the Charcuterie board. Using Strawberries, Pepperonis, Blackberries, and blueberries along with white cheeses and a light hummus. You can’t go wrong with adding grapes, cheese cubes and olives though!

Remember adding green to your board psychologically tells us the board is uber-fresh!

I made a Strawberry and Mint chutney too for this 4th of July board by chopping together strawberries, red onions, red bell peppers, adding 1 dash of balsamic vinegar and a little bit of sugar… oh and of course mint! You could even add a bit of jalapeño if you wanted?!

To get a good cheese star you want to buy the blocks of cheese from the store and cut down to the thickness you like.

After that use a cookie cutter to cut the cheeses into the shapes you want. I really like using different sizes of stars – just looks more fun right?!

Will you try this recipe? I hope you do!

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