Apple Crisps for a Crowd

I am in an entertaining mood.  Something about cooler weather, friendsgiving, and a change from stone fruit to root vegetables make this lady super happy and her door super open.  Don’t you hate when you invite people over and you have leftovers?  I mean, I am always stocking up on the plastic to go containers and am always sending friends on their way with leftovers. So let’s go simple with Apple Crisps. Because who needs leftovers when you have something this sweet and delicious?

Can we start doing more things with individual servings? Thank you!

I know I have already shared my mini chicken pot pies on the blog.  You can find it here if you haven’t made them yet, they are mighty tasty – put them on the meal plan for this week!  But I am all about easy individual servings to cut down on food waste. So important!

I decided to try the Keebler branded mini graham cracker pie crusts that you can buy at Walmart as the crust for the apple crisps and they worked perfectly!  They come in their own little mini foil tins which make clean up extremely easy.

I made the insides in a large bowl and then served them up!  They were absolutely delicious and didn’t take long or much effort to make.


Hope you are enjoying fun things over on Instagram – come hang out and say hi! I love when you tag me in your recipes and creations, it means the world! Let’s keep encouraging one another as we try new things together.

Now I need to know in the comments – what’s your favorite dish to serve at Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving? Boy do I have some GOOD things coming up for ya’ll! Stay tuned!



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