Boursin Deviled Eggs

I am a huge fan of Deviled Eggs. Hi! Happy you’re here today! Every year when Easter comes around, I get excited because of this little side dish. It’s a guarantee around here. I’ve even been known to make them for a special dinner every once in a while at my house.

I have always made them normal with mustard and mayo. However, this year since COVID-19, I have decided to try something a little bit different. Aren’t we all? That’s been such a positive throughout this entire pandemic – we’re all getting creative and stepping into new things we probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Amiright?! Let’s begin! 

These deviled eggs are the tastiest and easiest twist on an Easter favorite. And when you love this recipe – try my Deconstructed Deviled Egg Dip! I promise you’ll love it.

Before you make these, I want to give you a couple of pointers… some pro tips:

Buy hard-boiled eggs from the store! They are already shelled and everything! Make life easier and work smarter, not harder! 

I like to leave the mixture a little more chunky than typical Deviled Eggs.

Since Easter looks a bit different this year, why not try something a little bit different.

Either way it is going to be special. Just because it’s different – doesn’t mean it can’t be special.

So do me a favor. When you love this recipe as much as I do, will you post about it? Will you tag me on Instagram or Facebook? Will you share this post with your friends? I hope you do!

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Boursin Deviled Eggs

  • Author: Abby Turner


The easiest and tastiest twist to Deviled Eggs.


  •  12 large free-range hard-boiled eggs 
  •  1 cup Garlic and Fine Herbs Boursin Cheese
  •  1/3 cup mayo
  •  1 teaspoon sea salt
  •  3-4 tablespoons crushed crackers to top with


  1. Crush the crackers and set aside
  2. Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half lengthwise put yolks in a bowl.
  3. Add the Boursin Cheese, mayo, and salt to the bowl with the yolks and blend until creamy.
  4. Fill the egg whites with the mixture.
  5. Sprinkle the tops of the eggs with crushed crackers.
  6. Enjoy!
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