Day Two: Season of Waiting

Today we are going to reflect on the season of waiting during Advent.  Yesterday we focused on what it means to wait and why that is important and what Psalm 18:30 says about waiting and God’s perfect plan.

When we begin thinking about what Advent means, it means the arrival of something.  We are preparing for the arrival of Jesus.  That time of preparation is a time that we are waiting on Jesus to show up in a BIG way.

We know He is coming, but the Israelites and the Jewish people did not know He was coming at that moment: can you imagine not know Jesus was coming back? I can’t.  It seems so obvious because hindsight is 20/20, but they had no clue.

Gods ways are so perfect, His promises are True and He ALONE is our refuge.

If you have never been intentional with this time before, I pray you are intentional with this study.

Mary spent a season of waiting as she waited for Jesus to come. Luke tells us that she pondered everything the Angel said and kept them in her heart. (Luke 2:19) I don’t know about you, but when I am told something, I can’t wait to go straight to my closest friends and share what I’ve been told.  I do that because 1. They give them their opinions and 2. They usually encourage me regarding to whatever it is I was told.  But in Mary’s case – nobody was encouraging her. In fact, she was probably in danger because she got pregnant before she got married and before She consummated the marriage with Joseph.

So she kept everything in her heart and pondered it during her season of waiting. WOW. All she had was God, His promises, and her faith that everything He told her would be proven true (Psalm 18:30).

There have been so many other people in the Bible that have had to exercise intense faith and waited for Jesus. Endless seasons of waiting. Abraham and Sarah waited for a baby and Israel waited for redemption and the list could go on.  But like Abraham and Sarah we often wait with deferred hope and like Israel we wait and wait and wait some more.  However, throughout the waiting God’s promises are proven true and we receive blessings through the waiting.

But bottom line: we wait because there is something worth waiting for.

PS – More devotions found here!

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