Easiest Charcuterie Ever


Charcuterie is somewhat of a overwhelming thought to some people, especially with Instagram and Pinterest showing us all of the ways that we can fail when we do it.  But do not fear – this is a fool proof charcuterie board and you will love it – like really the easiest charcuterie ever!

I’ve started out bey sharing my receipt from Walmart’s Grocery Pickup.  You’ll notice I spent right at about $45.  This is a VERY cheap board.  I’m not sure, unless you have stuff already at your house, you can do it much cheaper.

Everyone loves a good cheeseboard.  In fact, with this cheeseboard I put it out at a dinner party I had where I was serving Tomato soup and Grilled Cheese.  We ended up devouring the Charcuterie Board while we cooked our Grilled Cheese!  It is just such an easy way to munch and provides so many different options.

I am linking my IGTV episode on the Charcuterie here.  Feel free to watch it – otherwise you can read about it below.

There are three very important things to note when you are making your charcuterie board. 

1 Think in odd numbers – they are a lot more visually appealing. 

Even though I only have two dips, I have three round containers. I also have three cheeses, three meats, and three add ons (blackberries, nuts, and strawberries – in addition to the pickles that I put in a round container).

2. Have fun with it and add things that you know people will eat – don’t get too stressed about having a “perfect” board, its all about the ‘organic-ness’ of it!

3. Add color to the board!  Thing fruit, berries, pickles, herbs, pepperoni!

Overall, it’s super easy you just have to play around with it and enjoy the process!!

Let me know what you think about the recipe and would love to see your creations on Facebook and Instagram – just tag #AtableTopAffair.

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