Easy Easter App You Can Set The Table With

Easter is right around the corner and whether you are getting ready to set the table for a lunch with your family or having a Spring Time brunch with your friends – you will LOVE these quick tips to make hosting your party easy!

I love all things parties and food! But one thing I can not sacrifice is ease. I do not want to be spending a ton of time or energy setting up for a party because it doesn’t have to be difficult.

That being said I have 3 easy tips for an easy party in minutes.

First: Flowers are everywhere in the spring.

You can buy them anywhere from a garden nursery to your local grocery store. But my hack… invest in some fake flowers! They make an easy transitional tablescape that will help fill the space and look really spring-y and festive.

Second: I love these Turkish Towels as a table runner or table cloth.

Really these were intended to be used as towels
on the beach or at the pool, but I think they are great on a table!

Last – let’s talk about this Easter appetizer.

I like to pre-portion my apps for my Easter guests. But if you didn’t want to do pre-portion, you can just set out the app ingredients and have everyone fill their own carton.

The carton is actually just a cardboard egg carton I have cut into 2 sets of 6. I love these Happy Egg containers because they are bright yellow! How fun are they!

I do want to make one call out – per the FSIS they say that egg containers should be single use packaging. I used a kitchen safe bleach and hot water to clean mine and then let them dry. However, please do this at your own risk and I am not in anyway saying this is safe and you should make your own judgement call. Another option is to use mini cupcake liners inside each egg holder to protect the food.

And I love that the eggs are brown because I know they are just a bit more fresh and they add nice color to the appetizer! Always about presentation right?? Ha.

In this carton what I’m serving is 3 dips, I have 2 hummus and a guacamole, bread sticks and veggie sticks for dipping, and a medium-boiled egg. If you like deviled eggs.. you can substitute with that really simple by purchasing pre boiled eggs and just making the inside mixture for Easter. 

For the medium boiled egg – I boiled it for about 6 minutes and then using this egg
topper I’m going to show you how to take the top off.

How to use an Egg Topper:

  • Pop it really hard
  • While holding the bottom of the egg – Move it around and make sure the egg is
  • Pull off the top. If you have trouble you can use a knife to help pop it off.

Stick it in the carton and dip the breadsticks. Again, medium-boiled egg not your thing… add another dip or a deviled egg and make this carton your own.

Isn’t that easy! Ready in minutes and best part… you throw away the carton after you use it!

I want to see your creations from my cookbook so as always connect with me on Instagram! I love seeing everyone’s creations and answering questions you have! Don’t forget to comment below and share your creations with #atabletopaffair

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