Easy Holiday Tablescape for Under $25!

The holidays are such a busy time – you spend time shopping and wrapping and then… you have a Christmas Party and need an easy holiday table.  You need to get ready quickly, decorate your table, and prepare and the list goes on. I have some simple tips from things you have around your house that you can use to help throw that Christmas Party without breaking the bank.  

Everything here has come from your local retailers or craft stores and I have spent right around $25 decorating this table.

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is wrapping presents and I love how creative stores have become with their fun wrapping paper.  You can use fun wrapping paper as your table runner and it’s a lot cheaper too!!  I like this black and white buffalo print wrapping paper and all you have to do is cut and place and you are done! 

When it comes to your Christmas Table don’t ever underestimate how much fresh greens can make a difference. 

A lot of shops that sell Christmas trees will be giving away tree clippings or selling them for a discounted price so you can just go pick some up and lay it on top of your wrapping paper.  

What I did next is took candles that I have around the house – festive colored candles, put a gold ribbon around them and placed them on the table to add a more intimate and elevated feel.  

Now the first thing I bought specifically for this table scape were these Bristle trees – they are really trendy right now and the different heights give the table some personality and also aren’t too bulky that you can’t see through them to talk to your friends. 

I get more compliments in my home about my table always being set for dinner. 

I leave dishes and silverware out 24/7 so that I’m always ready to have a meal at my table.  It’s just so important to sit down at the table and is one thing I’m really passionate about – we need to begin to embrace dinner time and sitting around the table with friends and family. Here are 4 easy tips for your easy holiday table.

  1. For each place setting I used a piece of red fabric cut into a 12 inch square with my everyday white plate on top.  
  2. Place the napkin folded like a hotdog in between this white plate and the cute festive appetizer plate.  
  3. Then take an ornament and tie a bow with cute ribbon and place it with a piece of fresh greenery on top of the appetizer plate.  Little side note – I took the ornaments off my Christmas tree!  Nobody will ever notice you are missing a few ornaments and that way you don’t have to go buy ornaments! 
  4. Finally, the silverware – I use this plastic gold silverware for every party I throw!  It’s so easy to use, looks like it’s real gold plated and the best part – easy clean up!

And there you go – an easy holiday table and you really didn’t even have to go to the store!  Super simple things you probably have around the house! 

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