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Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  The pumpkins with the greenery, the orange and caramel colors with coppers and golds.  Just all of it. The Fall Decorating – I’m in love with the season!  Not to mention it is football season, the air is cooler, and you are finally getting to change your clothes in your closet!  AND, we get to change the plates and decorating our centerpieces on our tables and finally get to enjoy the popular fall flavors.

With all of the Fall decorating options available, I want to give you a couple of quick things to take into consideration when planning your table!

1. Layering is your best friend!

  • Put down a placemat but try flipping it so it hangs off the table.
  • Then layer a charger on top – you can even try 2 if you want!  Don’t be shy.
  • Finally set your dinner plate, salad plate, and appetizer plate on the table.

2. Top the plate with something festive!

I have three options to show you

  • First, Put the napkin on top for a pop of color.
  • Second, I love this gold pumpkin that is $1 at Walmart right now!
  • Thirdly, I made these cute little mini pumpkin breads and tied ribbon around them for a cute take home!  This does not have to be homemade.  This can be anything from a store bought muffin to a decorated iced cookie!
Pro Tip: I would make sure to wrap it with festive ribbon so that your guests can take it home and it provides

Centerpieces can also be tricky for Fall decorating.. but this one is not!  I have so many flower boxes laying around and they are great to have on hand so you can prop things in them and be done!

What you need:

  1. A Flower Box
  2. A Garbage Bag (Make sure it’s Black)
  3. Greenery Garland
  4. White Pumpkins

I stuffed the flowerbox with a black trash bag so you couldn’t see it and it stuff the bottom.  Then I took a boxwood garland and twisted it in the flower box so that it had some personality and took on some shape and height.  Finally, tuck some white pumpkins in the boxwood garland and you are good to go!  Easy peasy and you are ready for fall!

Now that you have a table set – it’s time for an easy app!  This pumpkin hummus is delightful!  I have the full recipe from scratch on my blog, but today I want to show you a fun little hack!

Buy a can of pumpkin and a bowl of premade hummus. You will need two containers of Hummus for one can of pumpkin puree.

Mix those two, add in 2 tbsp of Chipotle Spice and top with pumpkin seeds and a splash of cinnamon and Serve with Naan!

Pro Tip: I love using a Chipotle BBQ spice BBQ spices usually have brown sugar in them which pairs nicely with the pumpkin!!!

Isn’t that super easy!!! Now you are ready for the first fall party of the season!

All of this can be found here with the recipe and more inspiration is always over on Instagram and my Pinterest page!

So do me a favor. When you love this recipe as much as I do, will you post about it? Will you tag me on Instagram or Facebook? Will you share this post with your friends? I hope you do!

Let me know what you think about this table top and would love to see your creations on Facebook and Instagram – just tag #AtableTopAffair. 
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