Fun Hot Chocolate Bar

I grew up drinking Swiss mix with the small processed freeze dried marshmallows and I loved it!  And then I found all of the extras, the accoutrements if you will, that you can add to your drink!  It changed my life forever. 

Raise your virtual hand if you love Hot Chocolate!  I love Hot Chocolate, especially wrapped up in a blanket on the couch watching Hallmark Channel Movies! Can I get an Amen? 

So I have provided a little inspiration for you today for your own Hot Chocolate Bar (even if you don’t have a Pinterest perfect bar cart)! 

My Hot Chocolate Board has everything from Peppermint Bark (store bought… of course) to peppermint coated marshmallows, Reese’s, Andes, and Heath Bar chips, Peppermint sticks, and regular mini marshmallows. 

You can see that I used odd numbers to make it very visually appealing – don’t forget that part! 

I also love these cute little mugs.  Just think if they were just plain white mugs, they probably would have made the bar really boring. So think about how you can use little elements to make your bar fun and exciting for your friends and family! 

The Hot Chocolate I used was this delicious Petite Maison Peppermint Chocolate Chaud that I got from Euna Mae’s – it comes in an adorable tin and would make a fun hostess or Christmas gift! 

Do you have any fun hot chocolate additions or ways that you set up your hot chocolate bar for the holidays? 

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