Galentine’s Fondue Party

I literally cannot get enough of Valentine’s Week.  I always love a good themed party – but I just love LOVE.  Give me a good hallmark movie, a Michael Bublé love song, or even a birthday card and I get all in my feels.  Love is the best. So this week of Love that includes both Valentine’s Day AND Galentine’s Day… Sign me up.

I recently found these cute individual fondue cups and instantly thought about Galentine’s Day coming up.  I have never really explored a fondue party because you have to have so much of whatever the fondue dip is and your guests never eat that much and so it’s just a ton of waste.  But, then I found these individual cups and thought how cute would they be for a party, a romantic dinner – you name it, these are perfect!

Right behind Love. I really have a love for Breakfast.  Give me all the sweet and savory breakfast foods and I am in heaven!  I decided this year would be the Galentine’s Brunch year. I invited all of my friends over, prepped 5 extremely easy fondue cups and viola… party literally in minutes! (oh and did I mention so inexpensive!)

3 Easy Steps to making your Galentine’s Brunch a Success:

  1. Never forget the importance of heart shaped food! It literally makes everything taste better. My recipe for heart shaped cinnamon rolls is here.
  2. When you do Fondue – don’t try and recreate things!  Use store-bought items like cream cheese icing, syrup, butter, and strawberry jam as your dipping sauces.
  3. Don’t splurge on decorations – chances are you have them around your house and you can repurpose things you have like white paper and painting it with red letters or paper napkins that cost $2 but can add that little bit of personality and always remember fresh flowers are inexpensive at your local grocery store and can really take a table form drab to fab!

The fondue was a success! I had five different fondue cups; cinnamon roll frosting, syrup, butter, strawberry jam, and sausage gravy – it was all really easy and super tasty! 

I pre-portioned everyone’s plates and gave them each different dipping items that they could use.  Because it was my Galentine’s Day Brunch I cut hearts out of my Eggo Waffles and made heart shaped biscuits for a little bit of festivity!  But this would also be a really romantic dinner date with your special someone!  

Note: the waffle was everyone’s favorite!  So make sure you have extra because they will eat those up! 

Galentine’s Day doesn’t have to be elaborate.  It just needs to be a fun time to celebrate those pals in your life that stand by you every single day.  I had a blast with my girlfriends and really loved trying out my new fondue cups!

My table was decorated with holiday plates and napkins I found at Target and the chargers were large marble plates from Walmart all very easy and inexpensive.  Don’t forget you can always spruce up a tablescape with fresh flowers. Go check out my blog for more ideas around Galentine’s Day Parties and recipes that everyone at the table will love!

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