3 Ways to Make Your Galentine’s Party a Success

What is a Galentine’s Party anyway?

10 years ago the millennial transformed Valentine’s Day into something that we all can participate in.  For years Valentine’s Day was a day that was celebrated by couples in love and avoided by singles adorned in black clothing. But now… we celebrate Galentine’s day (or Palentine’s Day) and the purpose – the love on those friends that walk-through life with you everyday!  What could be better?

So how do you throw a Galentine’s Party?  I’m glad you asked.  I have a couple of easy hacks to help you throw the easiest Galentine’s Party with your pals! 

First Off – Throw away the notion that in order to throw a party you have to throw a fancy dinner party.  Breakfast food is my favorite meal of the day and what is better than a Galentine’s Brunch? Eating breakfast with your favorite friends? Nothing! 

3 Easy Galentine’s Party Hacks

And I’m going to give you 3 really easy hacks to throwing that party and throwing it on a budget – because let’s face it – we don’t have a ton of extra money, but celebrating friends is so important.

1 .Use elastic bracelets as napkin rings.  They make a great decorative addition to your party + they are an easy gift that you don’t have to wrap for those sweet friends in your life!! 

2. Use craft paper as your table runner and paint “XOXO” or “LOVE” or “hearts” as a festive and inexpensive way to decorate your table!

This is super easy – all I took was craft paper and used small round sponge paint brushes (you know the kind) and I just wrote whatever letters I wanted.  I like XOXO because it is easy to alternate the letters so it doesn’t look to symmetrical and the same!  I also think writing it on a bit of a slant gives it some personality! 

3. The best thing about brunch, come on, is the breakfast food. Let’s be honest.  Embrace the hearts of Valentine’s Day and make fun festive heart shaped breakfast food!

I chose to make heart shaped cinnamon rolls and heart shaped Cream Cheese and Sausage hand pies.  They are super tasty and you can see the recipe here. And there you go – celebrate the friends that love you in life with these simple tips! 

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