Halloween Party for the kiddos

This is the making of a great Halloween Party! A Candycuterie, Ghost cookies, and little witches! No matter who is attending your party – these are the best apps and snacks and desserts to take!

Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means, all the school parties, potlucks, and don’t forget the Halloween Parties! I was invited to a Discos Not Dead Roller Party here in a couple of weeks! Have you ever heard of a Disco Zombie? Well, now you have!!

But that is not what we are talking about today! Today is all about ghosts, witches, and candy Candycuterie boards! 

I have a confession though… I am not a baker.

Like can’t do it! I’m not good at following specific directions like tablespoons and add this then that.  I just like having feel it out! And that is not baking for me. 

The Ghosts have been on my blog before and are basically Nutter Butter cookies that are dipped in white chocolate with two chocolate chips as eyes! Tell me these aren’t the cutest little ghosts!! 

You can even dress up the hat with sprinkles and I’ve even used a larger pumpkin sprinkle as the buckle on the hat! Just have fun and this is an easy treat to make with your kiddos! 

Lastly this Candycuterie board is about the most fun thing you can do and take to your party! I actually have a video over on my Instagram you can watch of me doing this board, but the key is make sure you have lots of colors! The ghoul mix of M&Ms are purple and green, the white chocolate Twix and Kit Kats and the orange Candy Corn all help spice this board up and give it a lot of personality! 

So there you have it – three easy treats you can take to your Halloween party that don’t break the bank and don’t take all night to make!

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