Memorial Day Hot Dog Bar

Holidays stress people out.  (Hello social media pressure!) I get it, you want everything to be insta-shareable. And with food, it’s a stressor that hits every month.  Think about it… In every month there is a holiday or a party (from Valentine’s Day to March Madness, to Memorial Day, etc..) that you have to cook something for and invite people to.  It can be overwhelming.  I don’t want it to be overwhelming though!  So I have put together this really simple Hot Dog Bar.  All you have to do is prep the ingredients and grill the dogs.  All of maybe 10 minutes.  15 if you have to do some of the chopping.  I promise this is a super easy party!  You will love it and your guests will be impressed.

Here are the three easy tips for a successful Hot Dog Bar this Memorial Day:

  1. Use pre-chopped ingredients in mason jars – I used red onions, green onions, olives, jalapeños – that they were all taken straight from the fresh pre-cut section in the grocery store.  Also, don’t even try to make your own guacamole or dill dip – use fresh from the deli!
  2. Decorations: Paper flags will run you maybe $10 and I like to stick them in photo holders on the table for a festive centerpiece or backdrop.
  3. Let everyone make their own hot dog!  It cuts down on things having to be hot and ready, is ready in minutes and can last the entire party! 

A couple of pro-tips:

  • I used little wooden spoons for the mason jars to add a fun flair and personality to them!  You can use any type of spoon – but I just loved the wooden ones and can be found in bulk at different craft stores.
  • Layer your mason jars on upside down flower boxes! Throughout the year I’ll use flower boxes as centerpieces to put flowers in – for this party.. I have flipped them over and put the mason jars on top!

Here are some of my favorite Hot Dog combinations:

  • Greek Hot Dog: Dill dip, tomatoes, cucumbers, and feta cheese
  • Mexican: Mexican corn, queso fresco, cilantro, guacamole and jalapenos if you want.
  • German Brat: purple cabbage, sauerkraut, pickles, and cheese
  • Fresh Fruit – Mango and Pineapple salsa with honey
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