Jimmy Dean Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Mornings just got better with Jimmy Dean’s new Plant-Based Crumbles – a perfect addition to your breakfast routine. Craft a scrumptious Breakfast Burrito that’s quick, flavorful, and oh-so-satisfying.

No morning scaries here! Breakfast Burrito to save the day!

Thanks to the NEW @JimmyDean Breakfast Bowls with Plant-Based Crumbles from @KrogerCo I can take my breakfast game to next level and start my day with a little extra bit of pizzazz! 🌟 They have the classic taste you know and love from Jimmy Dean Brand with egg, potato, plant based crumbles, and cheese! You can eat the bowl on-the-go or use my Jalapeño Creama (vegan recipe on the blog!) to spice it up in an almond flour tortilla! 🔥 Head over to your local Kroger store and pick them up in the freezer aisle! 😍 #JimmyDeanAtKroger #PlantBased #Breakfast

This Breakfast Burrito is a game-changer for busy mornings. Jimmy Dean’s Plant-Based Crumbles deliver a savory, protein-packed punch that perfectly complements the fluffy eggs and colorful veggies. Plus, the dairy-free cheese adds a creamy touch without the dairy

What makes this recipe truly exciting is how effortlessly it comes together. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll have a hearty breakfast burrito that’s not only satisfying but also plant-based and delicious. Whether you’re a seasoned plant-based eater or simply looking to switch things up, this breakfast option won’t disappoint.

With Jimmy Dean’s Plant-Based Crumbles as the star of your breakfast, you’re in for a flavorful and hassle-free start to your day. It’s time to savor mornings without sacrificing taste or convenience. So, why not give this Breakfast Burrito a try and experience the deliciousness for yourself? Your taste buds will thank you!

I love using my Jalapeno Crema in the breakfast burrito. You should check it out here!

Jalapeno Crema

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