It’s a Mardi Party!

Mardi Gras ALWAYS sneaks up on me.  Nicely positioned between Valentine’s Day and my Birthday (March 10 – don’t forget it) I almost never celebrate it.  However, this year – between Jambalaya, Shrimp and Cheese Ciabatta Bread, and this new fancy King Cake Punch Bowl, I decided it was worth celebrating.

I’m usually not one for spicy foods, but once a year we can all celebrate the Cajun within us.. or not in us.  I have a little French blood in me, like maybe 1%… but when asked if there was a culture I could adopt for a day… the answer is 100% Cajun. 

You talk about party animals, the Cajun’s know how to do it.  I also love that they focus on eating in their parties!  The original potluck was a Crawfish Boil and I absolutely love their way of life. 

So for this one day, I celebrate the Cajun inside me and hope that you come to the table and party with me too!  

I’m not going to put all of these recipes here in this post – but I have linked them with each picture AND with each title so you can easily find them! 

Because this is the last thing on my mind and the party is tomorrow night.. eeeekk!!! 

I have put 3 Easy solutions to your Mardi Gras Party TOMORROW! 

ONE: Grab the balloons.  Balloons make this Mardi Gras Party from drab to fab with a gust of air!  What I’m showing you today is actually a lot of balloons that were not blown up very much and then tied together to make a garland. 

Pro Tip: Use Double Stick tape after you put the garland up to position the balloons how you want!  I didn’t do these balloons: My good friend Josh at Balloon Town did in Little Rock – check them out here. (that is the inexpensive cheat way to do it 🙂 )

TWO: Sequin Fabric and beads – you just can’t go wrong and they will function as dress up clothes the rest of the year.  Trust me… invest in this!  It will cost you less then $10 and will dress up any table – I love the purple sequin fabric the most! 

THREE: You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to serve.. my favorite (if you have the time is this Jambalaya.  But this extremely easy and fun King Cake Punch is literally to die for and is super easy to make! See the fun recipe here!

Whatever you decide to make… remember Mardi Gras is all about the part-ayyyyy! So have fun and bring out the sequins, beads, and balloons!

– –

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