National Picnic Month!

Did you know that July is National Picnic Month?  I recently went to my Instagram over at A Table Top Affair and asked what questions people had about how to enjoy the easiest and most simple picnic ever!  

Those questions ranged from – • What should my staples be?• What’s an easy way to keep things cold? • How do you make clean up stress free?  • Should I have a go bag and may personal favorite?• How do you get your blanket to stay dry if you put it on wet grass? 

So I have tons of inspiration for you today!  Are you as excited as I am?


 How to keep your blanket dry or clean? 

This $.50 shower curtain liner is light weight and perfect to lay down under your blanket.  But note – if you sit your picnic on a hill.. you will turn your picnic into a slip n slide!  So be careful, but on a flat ground, this little trick is perfect! 

What should your staples for your picnic basket be? 

It is really easy to slap some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together with a bag of grapes and a box of teddy grahams and have your picnic together in a snap.  But it is National Picnic Month!  So let’s have some fun!  I love these huge 32 ounce mason jars that are $1 a piece!  

Fill them with whatever you want and be creative! You could even give each child a mason jar and tell them fill it up with whatever you want! Applesauce, Cheese cubes, fruit, graham crackers. You name it – let them stuff it in!

You’ve seen me use mason jars before and I think they are so fun to use and what I love about them is you can put drinks in them, food, you can stack food…They are so versatile!  

How do you have an epic picnic?

  • You must bring a baguette – use it as a dip, a sandwich bread, you name it – the baguette can do it! 
  • Don’t try and make everything at home – do it on the picnic.  Bring the supplies and let everyone do their own thing.  Which is one of the reasons I love a good mason jar picnic, everyone can load their own mason jar before leaving! Less food to throw away or clean up and bring back! 
  • Fill some of your mason jars with fruit and mint and mix your drink there!  I love these cute little Simply Lemonade lemonades!  Aren’t they adorable? One of the things I love about them is that they are great mixers for your drinks!  I really like fun refreshing mocktails in the summer – so bring a sparkling water of some sort (sprite works too) – a couple of Simply Lemonades, fresh fruit and mint and viola!  Mocktails on your picnic in minutes!  Plus drinking them out of your fun mason jars adds to the fun! 
  • Bring a cutting board and make your snacking board there! 

And the last question I got a lot was how do I keep things cold!

Night before you go, place your water bottles in the freezer!  Place them in your picnic basket and they will keep your things cold and by the time you are ready for a nice cool water bottle… it has kept your food cold and thawed enough to drink!!!  

Picnics can be easy and fun especially with these simple tips!  Make sure to mention me in your Picnic Parties and let me know what you put in your mason jars!

More in IG here, cookbook here!

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