Salad on a Stick – Back to School Lunch Hack

School is back in the swing of things, and let’s just say – healthy lunches and dinners are hard to get inspiration for when you are exhausted. Salad on a Stick is a fun lunch hack (or dinner hack) that everyone can join in on! Layout the ingredients (even put it on a charcuterie board for a fun, upscale feel) and have everyone skewer what they want! Easy, fun, and healthy.

Great Day Farms Salad on a Stick Lunch Hack

I have been using hard-boiled eggs for a long time and always balked at buying them pre-cooked. But I purchase my pizzas pre-cooked, my grilled chicken pre-cooked, I even buy my dinner pre-cooked sometimes, why would I not try the hard-boiled eggs?

So I did, and I have never looked back. Whether for Easter’s deviled eggs, a cobb salad, or this easy salad on a stick – they make life easier.

Great Day Farms asked if I would help people use hard-boiled eggs while revamping their Back-To-School routines. This is a sponsored post. I am receiving compensation for this blog. However, it was my decision. When they asked, I immediately said yes. Not because I need the money, but because I believe in little life hacks and feel like pre-hard-boiled-eggs are a great life hack! With that. Enjoy!

This recipe is easy.

  1. Take your favorite ingredients (don’t forget the hardboiled eggs! If you are shopping with Ibotta shop it here. If you want the 2-pack or the 6 pack from Walmart shop those.)
  2. Skewer them.
  3. Eat them!

My Salad on a Stick is a super basic hack. I used white cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, salami, cucumbers, and of course, the hardboiled eggs.

You can watch my Instagram Live here.

Want to make an Avocado Toast skewer?

Try dicing an avocado, hardboiled egg, crouton or piece of toast, lettuce, and sprinkling it with everything seasoning.

Want to make a Breakfast Skewer?

Try hardboiled egg, cheese, toast, sausage or bacon a breakfast potato if you are into that?

You see – it’s all about using already made ingredients, or fresh ingredients, and making this fun lunch hack your own!

Did you try this? I would love for you to share your awesome creations with me on Instagram!  Just tag #atabletopaffair

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