A Twist on S’mores

As part of National S’mores Month, I thought I would share my favorite way to eat a traditional S’more and my favorite way to spice one up!

Now the traditional S’more uses a graham cracker, a square of chocolate and a roasted marshmallow! Super traditional and very easy to execute at any backyard bonfire in the summer. My favorite way to eat a S’more though is with a Reese’s Cup! Just replace the square of chocolate for the round chocolate-y and peanut buttery cup. Trust me it will change your life.

My favorite way to eat a S’more is with a Reese’s cup!

Did you know that you can even make “charcuterie” board of sorts with the toppings for a S’more! The definition of charcuterie board is actually a board of cold cooked meats (the actual definition doesn’t even include cheeses – that would be a fromage board).

With your toppings board you can add things like Hershey Chocolate bar, Reese’s Cups, White Chocolate Bar, Marshmallows and Graham Crackers (of course) and get creative by adding a Cookies and Cream Bar or your favorite chocolate bars.

Now for the Fun Part… Let’s Spice it Up!

Chocolate pairs soo well with fruit, in fact Strawberries, in my opinion, are better with chocolate! So why not put them on a S’more? It will change your entire life! These S’mores are super tasty and really cut the sweetness with a freshness that you’ll love.

Note: you can even put the fruit on your toppings board!

My two favorite fruits on the S’mores were blackberries and strawberries – but raspberries or grilled peaches could work super well too!

Let me know what you think about it below – leave me a comment and share this post with your friends!!

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