Table Talk: The Quest

Occasionally on the blog I will visit some of my favorite Bible studies, ones that I have done with my church, my friends, or just by myself. Just some chit chat table talk.

Today, I want to share with you about the Quest. A bible study written by Beth Moore.  I know exactly what you are thinking.  Man, Beth Moore is intense.  And while yes, Beth loves her exegetical passages and lengthy word studies – this lady is passionate about the Word of God and firing young woman up to be passionate about it too.

That is what this study was all about – deepening my intimacy with Christ – going on a Quest for that intimacy.

She asks you in the first session to think about 5 questions:

  1. Where are you
  2. Who told you that
  3. What are you seeking
  4. Why are you afraid
  5. How much more

As you spend 5 weeks deep diving into each question your heart really begins to break open and rebuild.

One of the most hard hitting quesitons that Beth asked me was: How have I wasted time on diving deep with Christ because i was comparing or competing with someone else?

I’ve always felt that I had a pretty solid relationship with Jesus.

I’ve always led, in some way, a Bible study.  I’m a faithful volunteer at church, I’m in the Word and I can lead worship.  But you see in all of those areas I just mentioned – I have in some way compared myself to others that have done the same thing.  The enemy tries to steal my focus in those situations and tell me that I’m not a good volunteer, you don’t sing good enough to lead worship, you don’t really understand what you are teaching.. etc.

I can’t let those lies steal my relationship with Christ.  It is so important for us to remain focused and fixed on Only Him.  When we start to compare, we start to veer off the path He wants us on and get distracted just like Peter on the water with Jesus.

She says in her book that our feet will follow our faith.  If there was one takeaway it was that my head believes my faith, but sometimes my heart and soul don’t truly believe it.  I have been really challenged to see God’s true providence in every step of my life and really and truly turn every question and doubt over to Him.

I have loved this 6 week study and loved my girls even more!  It was just a great segway into the holidays and a new start to the year!

Thanks for always trying my recipes and hanging with me on social. You’re the best!

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