Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Hacks

I literally cannot get enough of Valentine’s Day. Or, for me, Valentine’s Week!  I always love a good themed party! Ya’ll know that about me.  But sometimes, making it to a restaurant is overrated or just cannot happen with everything in our schedules. So, I wanted to bring a little inspiration into the house for you and your loved one (or for your Galentines!) Is there anything better than a girls night in? I think not!

Let’s start with 3 easy hacks for your Valentine’s Day Table:

  1. Make your own table runner using white paper and red paint with X’s and O’s.
  2. Layer your placemats and find some cute inexpensive ones at local stores.
  3. Fun themed plates are a great way to spruce up a plain table too.- oh and remember how I love gold plastic silverware?  Perfect for Valentines!

Okay – we’ve set the table, but what happens when you don’t want to go out this Friday for Valentine’s Day? Let’s talk through these really easy Charcuterie for two!  And since Fisher Price said it was okay for kids to have charcuterie with their toy they launched last Christmas – I even brought one for Eli!

Charcuterie for Two

  • Don’t over do it:
    • 2 blocks of cheese
    • 2 meats
    • Olives/Pickles
    • Dip
  • Leave space and let things breathe.

Kid-Friendly Charcuterie

  • Use pre-portioned cheeses. They come in super fun shapes that will make the board fun!
  • Use fruits and veggies for color! (oh and they are pretty healthy)

Super inexpensive, really quick set up, and you don’t have the hassle of parking or waiting at the restaurant.  I’m here for it! Here are some of my DIY Gifts, as well! And here is a passage on love that I think we all need.

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