Virtual Mother’s Day

Most of us are not with our mothers for this special Mother’s Day and I’m receiving some questions on how do you make it special? I’ve compiled some of my favorite recipes, fun social distancing activities to do as a family, as well as some DIY crafts for you to try over in this post – but I’ve brought some special things to make a virtual Mother’s Day that much more special!

There are a lot of traditional aspects of Mother’s Day that – if you are with your mom you can still do: 

  • Breakfast in Bed. This is an easy, fun solution for you and the kids.  I have shared my French Toast Skillet on Instagram and my blog – and it’s so easy comes together in 15 minutes! 
  • Coupon Books. These are timeless and kids love making these!
  • Homemade Arts and Crafts. What is better than construction paper and painted handprints… nothing!  I’ve even created a twist on the traditional flowerpot with hands and created a dandelion with thumbprints that says I wish I was with you!  How sweet right?
  • Flowers, Gifts, and you can even ship a meal. You still have time to order something special for mom – like flowers, food, or a special gift from a local store.

But what happens if you aren’t with mom?  This will become and really has become our new norm now. 

  • Virtual Brunch. Fun for the entire family!   Don’t forget a zoom background filled with memories!  Use services like Canva to help create that.
  • Celebrate mom on Social Media. Use the Hashtag #momHero to share your special memories with everyone! 
  • Family Walk or Exercise.  Family walks are a great way to social distance, be outside, and celebrate the mom’s in your life!  You can even make it a game:  every mailbox you pass – someone gets to say something they love about mom!

I can’t let you go without giving you inspiration around food.  Food makes any occasion special and my sweet brownie bites are easy, delicious and the kids will love it! 

Check all of that out and celebrate mom this weekend with all the goodies that she deserves!

So do me a favor. When you love this recipe as much as I do, will you post about it? Will you tag me on Instagram or Facebook? Will you share this post with your friends? 
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