Waiting for Advent: An Introduction

Advent.  What a sweet time that we get to spend with our Savior as an introduction to celebrate His Birth. This birth is one that radically changed the world forever.  It’s hard to really imagine the world without Jesus being here.  But there was a time where people anxiously awaited Jesus’ coming.  They had been told for ages about a Redeemer – One that would come to save the world and the people in it, but had no context for what that would look like.

Moments before Jesus’ birth – the world was different. 

Then Jesus came and everything changed.  He changed our religion and how we speak to God, he changed the way that we understand how merciful and forgiving our God truly is, and it forever changed the relationship we get to have with Him – one on one – forever.

Can you imagine what it must have been like to wait on Him.  The Israelites lived their life waiting for something that they wished would happen day in and day out.  Can you relate? 

During this waiting period of advent I encourage you to follow along with the Blog.  I will be reading out of the Daily Grace Co’s Advent study.  If you would like to go purchase a book, I think they still have some left.  If not, follow along here on the blog!

The subtitle of the Advent study is “How Jesus fulfills Every Longing of our Hearts.” In just an introduction, I can already see places in my own life that Jesus is bubbling up to the top to show me how waiting on Him truly provides me the most blessing and I can’t wait to share those with you.

My prayer is that during this advent season we will be able to truly slow down and enjoy the unique moments that God is trying to share with you and how sometimes waiting for Jesus can be the most special times.

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