Halloween Witch Cupcakes

These Halloween Witch Cupcakes go with a blog about Halloween Parties – but you will love these guys! I made them in conjunction with my little ghost cookies! They are super easy and really fun to make especially if you need a fun Halloween Party activity for kiddos. Go read that blog here.

This Witch is brand spanking new to the blog and I’m just flat out excited about her! 

She is super easy to make and can be made in a few quick minutes! One thing to note… do not even try to make these cupcakes by yourself – I give you permission to buy store bought cupcakes and use those are your base. You know I am all about quick shortcuts! And this is a shortcut that I am telling you to take!

How to make the witch cupcakes:

I bought vanilla cupcakes at the grocery store. 

Use half an Oreo (or the full Oreo) with green frosting and a Hershey kiss for the hat.

Plop that right on top of the cupcake and then stick two bendy straws in the back as her legs and feet!

I like to take a sharpie and color black little boots on her because why not right?? You could also dip the straws in bakers chocolate or cut out shoes from paper. Those two options just seem too time consuming 🙂

You can even dress up the hat with sprinkles and I’ve even used a larger pumpkin sprinkle as the buckle on the hat! Just have fun with these cute witch cupcakes with your kiddos! 


PS. Instagram ideas live here! Come hang!

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